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Our Menu

Created to satisfy your craving whether you're a light or heavy eater, a breakfast or full meal person or have a sweet tooth that needs to be taken care of.
But what's our specialty? ...PORK...RIBS, CHOPS, BURGERS, MILKSHAKES & of course BACON.

Catering Services

We specialize in Adult & Children Birthday Parties, Baby Full Mooon Parties, Pre-Wedding Dinners and Festive Celebrations. Celebrate here or we can bring it to you.
Contact us today at to lock in your date. We'll provide a one of a kind catering spread to WOW your guests.
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Pets Allowed - Rules & Regulations

Your pet is most welcome here as long as its well behaved and friendly. We are dedicated to providing everyone here including your pet a comfortable experience, so please read up on the rules and regulations stated to avoid any upsets. Thank you.

We highly advise your pet to be leashed so as to avoid them from wandering around. If they aren't, please keep them within the contraints of your table.


Please avoid from having your pets placed on the dining table, or let your pets put their paws on the dining table due to hygiene purposes and the consideration of other guests.


Pets have to be constantly well-behaved and incessant barking is absolutely not tolerated. You and your pet may be asked to leave if your pet cannot be kept under control.

Kalamazoo - The Town

Kalamazoo is a city in the southwest region state of Michigan, U.S.A. and is located 150 miles in between Chicago and Detroit. The city of Kalamazoo is also home to the Western Michigan University, our alma mater and this is where our story began.
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Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University (WMU), founded in 1903, is a large public university in the United States where we, the owners, graduated from. It is here where we gained knowledge and experience not only in our respective fields but also in life.
Thus a dream began forming.

Our inspiration

Our inspiraton is derived from our love of eating. Exploring new tastes and the phletora of cuisines available to us both in America and even now back in Malaysia. Most importantly, it is from YOU, our guests. So do provide us your feedback not only on the food but ultimately your dining experience with us.

The Chef Owners

After graduating from WMU, we each pursued our individual fields but in 2010 Kalamazoo American Restaurant & Cafe emerged. Thru valuable feedback, we continuously improve to provide guests with not just a meal but an experience.
If you'd like to know more about our individual stories, drop by today!

Kalamazoo American Restaurant & Cafe

Established in 2010 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and named Kalamazoo because it is where the idea was born, what we create and how we operate stem from our experiences while being in Kalamazoo, and most importantly, we loved it there. Everything about Kalamazoo Restaurant & Cafe came about because of Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A., and we will continue to provide our best to you for years to come.

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